Tic Toc Timers

Imagine a world where people call back in a timely fashion. Your hot dates are never late for dinner. You never miss your next intergalactic flight.

That would be a beautiful world… and before it wasn’t possible. Not before a new iPhone app named ‘Tic Toc Timers’ to manage your time and Getting Things Done (GTD) hit the app store.

The Sharpest GTD Tool in the Shed

  • Cutting-edge multiple timers for Getting Things Done

  • The timer that reminds users with enchanting icons for instant recall

  • Incredibly appealing timers, definitely one of a kind

How Does Tic Toc Timers Work

Say, you need a reminder after a certain period of time. For example, don’t forget to buy dozen of eggs on the way from work. So you choose one of Tic Toc timers in App Store, which is somewhat related to eggs.

You launch it with a single tap. After the timer goes off, you’ll see the image of an egg and recall the task.

We promise, you will find it incredibly appealing.

How Would I Remember What to Do

Tic Toc Timers is a peerless GTD app you have never seen before. This app supports you with a powerful recalling mechanism where you don’t have to memorize your “to do list.”

In short, it assists your brain in recalling your memory power easily by displaying related images of your work to be done. With Tic Toc Timers

An icon cup can be used for recalling a coffee date you had planned with your significant other.

Egg icon will remind you about the food you planned on buying at the store.

And recalling is a much more powerful mechanism than simply memorizing.Give it a try; your brain will surprise you.

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